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Stay Tuned For Upcoming Pop the Top Events!

Race Weekend

September 29th through October 1st is our town Race Weekend. We invite all of our guest, new and old, to try our 10 CAR PILE UP! 

Our 10 CAR PILE UP is 10 Pop the Top size scoops topped with whip cream and cherry. We provide the bowl, a spoon, and a glass of water.

Classic Car Show

Take a trip in time- come see the cars of an era, be served like "the good ol' days", and have a blast. Pop the Top is hosting their first ever Classic Car Show and to give you a true 1950's experience with a car hop! Bring the family, and enjoy a great time! We will have our servers dressed in their 1950's attire, and dressed as the classic time pieces from the movie Grease and The Outsiders.

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